Final Celebration of a Successful Year

Home Brite Ace Hardware

Mr. Lyle Rowden, Owner
On Wednesday, the Belleville CEO students visited one more business in Belleville, Home Brite ACE Hardware owned by Lyle Rowden.  After a quick tour of the business, Mr. Rowden talked about how ACE is a co-op not  a franchise.  He explained that ACE Hardware gives owners suggestions as to what to carry but it is solely up to the owners what they want to sell.  Mr. Rowden also talked about the cause and effect relationships leading to financial distress.  He stressed that a lot of companies go out of business because they run out of cash even though they may be profitable.  He concluded by telling the students his four trade secrets:  passion, leadership, discrimination on where to focus your attention, and organization.  Thank you, Mr. Rowden, for sharing your knowledge with us and supporting us with our badge and class business this year.

Presentations by the CEO Students

Belleville CEO Students

Over the last two days, each Belleville CEO gave a final presentation on:

1.  What are three things that they learned in CEO? 
2.  What are three things that they accomplished in CEO? 
3.  What are three things that they didn't accompished in CEO?
4.  What are their future plans?
5.  What three relationships would they like to continue to nurture after CEO?
6.  What three self-improvements did they make this year?
7.  What do they want to remember this year from CEO?
8.  Give an update on your business.  How much did they make in sales and profit?
9.  What advice would they like to give to next year's students?

More Final Presentations

Belleville CEO Students

Belleville CEO Final Presentations

Belleville CEO Students

Belleville CEO Scholarship Awarded

Kevin & Beth Nicol, Nicol Foundation
Congratulations to Kaitlynn Borik for being awarded the $1000 Belleville CEO Scholarship from the Nicol Foundation.  

Last CEO Day – Celebration

Belleville CEO Students

The last day was a time for the students to thank the investors and speakers for their financial support and time as well as celebrate the 15 Belleville CEO students as they get ready to graduate.  Thank you again to investors, speakers, board members, mentors, students, parents, and Midland Institute for making our 2nd year so successful!

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