Jasmyne Walker

About Me

I am a senior at Belleville West High School.  I participate in History Alive and Co-operative Education. I'm new to Belleville. I've recently just moved here from Columbus Georgia. 

Growing up my mother would always tell me, “You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.” and “Always be a leader!”  These few quotes are things that I live by and I plan to do so for the rest of my life. I've never been around people who own their own business but when I was younger I've always knew that I want to be my own boss and own my own business. When I was around eight years old, I started creating and designing my own clothes just for fun not knowing that it would turn into a business that I own today.

I've always look for opportunities to advance and better myself regarding my business and entrepreneurship. Many people believe that entrepreneurship is easy but it is very hard. I learned if you have a passion for something you won't give up easily.

I became interested in the Belleville CEO program because I saw flyers and I heard former students speaking very highly of the program. Once I gained more knowledge about the program, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me. I plan on furthering my education by going into nursing and earning a degree in business.