I really enjoyed the “Personal Capital” chapter from Craig Lindvahl’s book. Before, whenever I’d think of the word capital, monetary aspects would always come to mind. Instead, Lindvahl suggests that capital can also refer to our interactions with the people we meet and the way we conduct business. Every time we talk to a business owner or work with a business in CEO, we’re building up our own personal capital with that business. That’s why it’s so important that we put our very best foot forward and try our hardest to produce a wow factor that makes people want to work with us again. It’s important to realize that things as simple as leaving without thanking a speaker can reduce our capital with that business owner. The personal capital that we’re building through the CEO program not only helps us now with planning our class and personal businesses, but also later in life. Because of this, we should always try our best to positively represent the CEO class and build up as much capital with the local businesses that are eager to help us.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Kennedi Macklin

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