I loved visiting Events at the U! I feel as if the conversation was genuine and relatable. I like how they both shared their different backgrounds and made it a point it’s ok where you come from as long as you work hard. As a class, we were told to write things down and as a speaker, I feel that’s powerful because you’re allowing the crowd to be engaged while also letting them know you live by the same rules you preach. The Underwood’s were my favorite presenters thus far into the year!

Furthermore, I enjoyed the video with Shelley Rosen! She was very direct, and despite being a businesswoman, she still remained herself. She wasn’t forcing anything and was just herself. She shared great details as it pertained to beginning her business and advised to always look for a problem so you can find a solution. When a solution is found that is when you can begin your business.

Now that we will be online, I hope to remain connected for the sake of the class business. I don’t see that being an issue, but we definitely have new challenges to overcome. Things are slowly coming together and we’re only months out. I hope for our business to be a success but no matter the outcome I’m proud of how hard we have all worked.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Amelia O’Neil

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