I felt that The Edge has evolved in so many ways since I was younger. Back when I was younger The Edge only had a bar, laser tag, and the arcade. Now they have multiple movie theaters, go karts, bowling alleys, and even more arcade games. I also liked how they are always looking for improvements to make to the Edge as well. For example, they talked about a virtual reality feature in laser tag, and how during Covid they had to build the outdoor seating area to meet Covid guidelines. They know how to make the edge different, and I like how passionate they were about their business.

At first, I was a little nervous to do my elevator pitch, but I felt that it went really well. Although I did not win anything, I was proud of myself and felt confident in my pitch to the judges. It was a great experience talking to them and receiving feedback and different ideas regarding my business. I felt that I did good and spoke confidently about my business and look forward to doing more public speaking in the future in order to enhance my public speaking skills.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Zachary Hamilton

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