Doing the elevator was definitely outside my comfort zone. Even though I was really nervous for mine, I thought it was a great growing experience. I think doing something outside of your comfort zone always makes you better in the end and makes you feel accomplished afterwards. I don’t do a lot of public speaking so up in front of the class and then the judges, definitely helped my public speaking skills and helped me be more comfortable. I’m very happy the judges seemed to really like my products! They asked me some really good questions too. I am really proud of our class for accomplishing this. Congratulations to the winners, it was well deserved!

I also really enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Schell’s presentation on Tuesday about the Edge. I remember the first I went to The Edge was for my sister's birthday party a long time ago. It is awesome to see that the business has changed and grown so much since. I thought it was interesting to hear how they transformed an old grocery store into what it is now. They also gave us a tour and it was cool to see all of the things they’ve added in the past few years. Big thanks to the Schell’s for spending their morning with us!

Written by Belleville CEO Student Audrey Hill

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