To start last week, we met with Keith and Mary Dahm at The Edge. They gave a very interesting presentation on how they operate their business. To start, they made sure to emphasize the importance of small businesses. They discussed the major problem in our country right now revolving around struggling small businesses, and the fact that the government needs to step in and help. They told us it was important to always stay up to date on the current political climate, for it has impacts on the business world. They also talked a lot about the different renovations they made to their business. It was interesting to see The Edge from the perspective of someone who used to for there a lot. They have made many incredible improvements to the building since I was a kid.

On Thursday, we got to deliver our elevator pitch. To be honest, I was very nervous about giving the pitch going in. When making it, I wanted to make sure I gave a short story to begin the pitch to attract the listener. I also wanted to be certain to try to go into detail about the financial history of my company. Because my company isn’t brand new, I knew it would be important to talk about our financial history. When Jo Ann DiMaggio May spoke to me about my presentation on Friday, she said that she liked how we already had financials to discuss, so I knew I must have done a good job discussing it.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Miles Wilhelm

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