Hearing about The Edge and seeing all of the changes that they have made was very cool. I grew up going to The Edge all of the time after sports or for birthdays. I even had a birthday there myself. They have completely changed the place over the last year or so. It is so cool that we have the biggest laser tag in the nation in our own town. It blows my mind that they just keep finding ways to expand. They could’ve easily settled with what they had going because it was working but that's not what they did. The building is incredible, there is everything you could possibly want in an arcade type place like they are, and their food is amazing as well. I am excited to see what they have planned next and where is the point where you can’t add anymore to the building.

The elevator pitch was a very cool experience, and I am very happy with the way it went. All of our speakers really helped me figure out how I wanted to talk about my business. The thing that made it easy for me was that I made my pitch personal so I could speak from experience and trying to remember something that I wrote.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Lucas Maue

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