This is it, the final journal. This is the 33rd time that we are all sitting down and reflecting on what has happened this week of CEO. We had the trade show on Wednesday, and I think it was a huge success. Both of the classes came as one class for our final show to the community of what we had done this past year. We all could see the admiration in the business’ leaders’ eyes, not necessarily at our businesses, but our aspirations to be just like them. People don’t really think of Belleville as a vibrant area. Over this year, I have seen how much love and thinking goes into all of the businesses in my community. As a class we overcame a pandemic and had a very successful class business. All of us especially our CEO worked tirelessly for weeks to give back a little bit and give a good night to the community. As a leaving note, I want to thank my classmates and Mrs. Siebers for going on this ride with me and giving me an amazing senior year. Thank you, CEO!

Written by Belleville CEO Student Jay Regensberger

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