A BIG shout out to our 2020-21 Belleville CEO Mentors. Thank you for supporting and encouraging our CEO students this year.

Megan Bertelsman
Derek Betz
Jack Chassaing
Mike Deihl
Robert DeRousse
Tom Farquhar
Bob Fritz
Amy Gould
David Hill
Anne Koleson
Mike Marchal
Doug Martin
Mark Maxim
Josh McDermott
Jimmy Monken
Julie Orlet
Dave Padgett
Kevin Pesko
Brandon Rakers
Jim Rauckman
John Reichert
Keith Schell
Mary Dahm Schell
Jim Strausbaugh
Wade Weitlauf
Josh Wohltman
Ransom Wuller

**A special thank you to these mentors who had TWO mentees this year:

Kevin Bouse
Geri Boyer
Jessica Butcher
Michael Crotty

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