I loved the chapters we read this week. My favorite one we read was “Quit is the Ugliest Word.” I loved this chapter because it really made me think about how quitting affects your experience. It is really good to try things, but you cannot just try them, you have to put in effort too. You have to figure out what you need to do to succeed because if you only try something and put nothing into it then you will quit with getting nothing out of the experience.

I personally do not think quitting is necessarily a bad thing. I am the type of person who will try anything at least once, because if I do not then how will I know what I am good at, what I enjoy doing, and what I can see myself doing in the future. Because I try so many different things all of the time, I have definitely quit more things than I would like to admit, but this is not to say that I did not get anything out of each of those experiences. I put my all into each thing that I try. I try my best to get the most out of each thing I do, and sometimes it still does not work out. It is very important for me to understand that I cannot do everything just because I try.

Sometimes I forget that it is okay to quit once you realize that something is not the right fit for you. I have tried almost every sport, and thanks to that I know that I really enjoy soccer, bowling, tennis, and track, but basketball really is not for me. If I just pushed through everything I tried to do, I would be way too busy to do the things that I actually enjoy or need to do. It is important to know your own boundaries. Quitting is okay, but it can be bad. The key is to make sure you put your all into anything you do, because if it still does not work then you know there is someone better than you for that specific job. That is why it is such a good thing for people to have different talents and skill sets. When you get a group of people together with something new each of them brings to the table, you can achieve anything.

On another note, this past Friday was such a different experience for us all. We all went out to businesses and shared our ideas for our class business. It was a very special and unique experience to have that type of trust, authority, and responsibility placed in our hands to go out on our own for the sake of our business. We realized how important a team is. I felt very adult speaking with business owners and managers about this great experience we are bringing to the community. It was eye opening in a way.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Caroline Bouc

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