On Friday, we had a marketing day, and in my group, we had a very successful day. It was a very cool experience. It was awesome that we could go around to businesses and teach them about our class and the business we are doing. This was a great way to get our community involved. Our community is very strong and willing to help the younger generation and wanting us to succeed. It was a cool experience promoting something you have worked so hard on. I loved that we could do something like our class business and promote it in such a meaningful way together. That’s almost the exact definition of teamwork. We all work together having the same goal in mind. Moments like those that were made on Friday help us come together and work better with each other. It helps increase personal strength to do better. Allows people to feel comfortable while working together. Teamwork building increases the relationships between our class, and it allows us to feel more comfortable with each other. Another reason why working together as a team is that it Increases work efficiency. It lowers that amount of work that a single person does on a project. Also, the communication we had leading up to this point was awesome. We allowed ourselves to set up groups and meet on time. Where there is trust, communication can be effective. Trusting each other only allows us to feel safe and comfortable with each other. Teamwork lessons are important to nurture effective communication. Importance of communication in teamwork completes tasks quickly and efficiently. Staying positive with each other only increases our goals and doesn’t limit our goals.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Ryan Myatt

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