On Thursday, we had another Fearless Founders zoom meeting. Ainsely Britain goes to schools all over and speaks to empower young adults who might be struggling with their confidence or relationships and helps them to overcome it. Ainsley Britain talked about how she did lots of different clubs and activities in high school to help her figure out what she wanted to do. She found out that she likes to help people and mentor young adults, which was something that she really always wanted to do. Ainsely Britain has written about 7 books, and has recently published one called, “Don’t Date a Booboo Dude”. She writes this book to share her story and mistakes to show these young adults that they aren’t alone. She wants this book to inspire others by helping them find their confidence back, help them remove that shame, and to teach them how to have a healthy relationship. Ainsley Britain doesn’t just speak with young adults; she actually goes out into the corporate world to coach people and help them with their business. She also has her own podcast to speak on how your confidence will find you and help you a lot. One of the things that I learned was that you have to have a strategy on social media, or you won’t make an income. Word of mouth was a huge way to get her career going and being willing to be risky helped her to find her path. One of Ainsely Britain’s goals was to be the person that she wanted to be when she was younger, and I believe that she accomplished that. I really thought that Ainsely Britain had a wonderful presentation, and she definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Ashlyn Wuebbels

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