On Tuesday, we met with Mr. Adam Davis a bank consultant from Busey Bank. I learned a lot from his presentation, especially about the importance of mentors. Mr. Adam Davis gave us insight on how important a mentor can be to one's success. It really helps individuals learn new information they were not aware of before. You learn the importance of asking for help and using the people around you, instead of ignoring the intellect they can share. I learned that establishing a relationship with your banker is very important as they handle your money and can give you good advice pertaining to the bank. He also brought up the importance of talking to a lawyer that we learned from our previous speakers who were Belleville CEO Investor and Board Member Garrett Reuter and his associates with Greensfelder Law Firm. Getting legal advice and making sure you are within your legal rights is extremely important.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Mahek Bhakta

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