On Monday, Mandy Wuebbels from Meckfessel Tire & Auto came to visit us and talked to us about how she runs her family’s third generation business successfully. She mentioned that running a family business can be very stressful and there can be a lot of pressure to keep the business running, yet very rewarding as well. Mandy Wuebbels spoke very highly of her “20 group” which is a group of business owners that meet regularly to ensure that each member’s business venture is running smoothly and has improvements. Throughout these meetings the group goes over sales, costs, expenses, net profit, business review, ‘best idea’, executive question, and employee relations. They also make sure that they are keeping good inventory and are thinking outside the box when it comes to self-improvement within the company. Mandy Wuebbels advice to us was to run our businesses as if we were going to sell them and to hire young people to then teach them ways to be the ideal employee. She talked about how important it is to value the people who work for you and to always respect your customers to ensure they have a positive experience with you and your business. Mandy Wuebbels told us to always push forward in our personal and professional lives, through all the things that hold us back. Thank you, Mrs. Wuebbels, for supporting the first session badge business and sharing your knowledge on running a successful generational business.

Written by Belleville CEO Student Elizabeth Bouse

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