McKeenzy Hill

About Me

I am a senior at Belleville East High School.  While I was taking Business Law and Management during my sophomore year, my business teacher, Ms. DeGroot, said I had a natural talent for business and that it would be a great idea to join “Belleville CEO”.  

I am a member of Mashariki, Belleville East School Newspaper, the Debate Team, Empower Me, Racial Harmony, and Spanish Club.  I also volunteer at the Nurse’s Office during my release period, and an active member of three different choirs. 

During my free time, I like to read about current events, listen to music, research (anything), and spend time with friends. I am definitely a friendly, outgoing, humorous person. I do not mind being a team player but I am a leader at heart.  I love to learn and am open to new ideas. My favorite quote might be “If everyone in the room is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking” ~George S. Patton.

My plans after high school, I would be to attend a college far, far away and meet new people and make new memories. I am currently interested in JSU, Indiana Tech, and Graceland University.






DISC Characteristics

  • I prefer to focus on the big-picture and the future, not the details or the past.
  • I can be an effective coach or counselor for others.
  • Unexpected events don't drive me crazy. They can be something of a welcomed change
  • I believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly the first time.