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Final Presentations & Year End Celebration

Padgett Construction & Remodeling

David & Don Padgett, Owners

On Monday, the CEO students visited Padgett Construction & Remodeling Company.   The business was started by twin brothers, Don and Ron Padgett.  In 2014, David Padgett began buying into the business, making it now a second-generation family business. Dave Padgett told the students that their business is broken down into four areas:  Custom Homes, Commercial Work, Residential Remodeling and a new area called Padgett Home Solutions.  David and Don Padgett also shared with the Belleville CEO students about ownership transition, their school of hard knocks, and some important accounting reports. Thank you to Dave and Don Padgett for sharing their knowledge with us!

Quest Management Consultants

Joe Wiley, Owner

On Tuesday, the Belleville CEO class was visited by Mr. Joe Wiley, the CEO and owner of Quest Management Consultants. During his visit, Mr. Wiley recounted his path to success starting with his high school and college career in sports, and then his personnel positions at Pfizer, General Dynamics and Monsanto.  Fifteen years ago, he decided to start his own business using his expertise in human resources.  His business is broken down into these areas:  recruiting talent, negotiating labor agreements, career transitions, and human resource audits. Mr. Wiley came prepared with packets on his business and made sure the students had important information that was useful and applicable in real life situations like good communication skills and an up-to-date resume.  Thank you, Mr. Wiley, for taking time out of your day to spend with us.

Final Presentations

From Wednesday through Friday, the Belleville CEO students gave their final presentations.  They shared what key concepts that they had learned throughout the year, relationships that they want to continue to nurture, improvements that they have made to themselves, their future plans and an update on their personal business. 

Listening to Our Final Presentations

Investors, mentors, speakers, and former CEO students stopped by to listen to the final presentations.  During the question and answer time, they also gave the students some final bits of advice.

Thank You to Our Final Host Business

Kurt Artinger, Artigem Owner

On behalf of the entire Class of 2017-18, Tristen Missey thanked Kurt Artinger for allowing us to meet at Artigem during the 4th Quarter.  Thank you again, Mr. Artinger, for allowing us to use the spacious Turner Room.  We appreciate it!

A Big Thank You!

On Friday after the final presentations, investors, speakers, mentors and former CEO students mingled with the current class and enjoyed some refreshments.

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