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I have heard many things that influence students to enter the CEO program--from parents wanting their child to participate to simple curiosity on the student’s part. For me, it’s to make valuable business connections right here in Belleville that I can learn from, grow with, and eventually build on. My name is Alayna Ann Wells, and I value the experience and information I can achieve in this exceptional program. Signing up for CEO was the easy part, I was eager to go to the informational meetings and talk to my counselor about it when I was a junior, figuring out how I will commit my time to it was a bit trickier to figure out. I am active in over thirteen clubs at or through Belleville West, including holding leadership positions in many of the large ones like Harambee, Page One, and soon to be History Alive. Some of these other clubs include the Speech and Acting team, Art Club, Book Club, Little Theatre, NSHSS, etc.., but none of them prepare me for learning how to build and run my own successful business. I love being a part of so many clubs because it keeps me active in my school and community, and CEO transforms my high school experience into the entire city of Belleville and the businesses that maintain such a wonderful community. It’s only been about two weeks into the school year for Belleville CEO, and my mind is always flowing with new ideas I acquire with each speaker. I grow more with each business visit, and become a more intelligent, more qualified leader in my school and community. I wish to continue these amazing changes I see in myself through this program, and build even more meaningful relationships with the kind business owners of Belleville who donate their time and experience toward our success. To any student attending high school in Belleville--if you have a chance to apply for this program, do it now. If you are not old enough yet to apply, talk to your counselor about it and keep it in mind. If you refuse to give this program a chance, or you are not applying because of uncertainty or any other reason, you are consciously settling to be half the leader you could become--that to me alone, is unsettling. Heed my words and realize that this program is the right place for ANYONE to be shaped into a successful adult, only if you value it’s teachings as much as I have grown to.

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