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Hello, I am a senior at Belleville West High School. I am an eager CEO student hoping to learn the tricks of the entrepreneur trade and gain knowledge on how to start and manage my own business and eventually sell that business. I applied to the CEO program to understand why some businesses succeed and why some fail and how I could prevent my own future businesses from failing.

I’ve been involved in many sport activities and clubs throughout my high school life. I've played tennis and swam for Belleville West High School. I’m currently running cross country and do a monthly sports challenge for my school newspaper where I go head to head against another Belleville West student. I play chess for the school and currently 3rd chair and am excited to play again this year.

I strive to make money and will work hard to achieve that goal. Last year I had a candy business at school and enjoyed every second of it and learned from the failures that occurred. I’ll use these failures to help me in whatever next business idea I come up with. My future plans are to attend college and study International Business. I love to travel and I fully believe that the global market is an expanding one that will have many lucrative jobs available. I want to attend Illinois State University, San Diego State, or University of South Carolina because of their exemplary International Business programs. My plans for my masters are to study law and either get a Law Degree or an International Law Degree

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