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Ask not what CEO can do for you - ask CEO what you can do for it. CEO is quite literally the idea of what you put in you get out, brought to life. My name is Royce Payne, and I took the Belleville CEO class for a myriad of reasons. One such reason is because I feel you can never have too many tools in your tool box. The more capabilities you have, the more worth you have to people. Being able to do numerous things makes you a valuable asset, both financially and personally. Another reason I decided to take the class is my interest in starting my own company and becoming an entrepreneur. Everyday we meet for class, we are making connections, working on our own entrepreneurship skills, or becoming better overall people. One major goal of mine is to also use my business to give back to and help the community that has already given so much to me, and this class is the perfect opportunity for that. I plan to use this class as the gateway to the business world and head start my future aspirations later in life.

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