Caydn Hillier

About Me

I am a senior at Belleville West High School. I have played varsity soccer for four years and have been a captain of the team. I am also part of the Mentor-Mentee program which aims to have upperclassmen help the underclassmen at West.

My interest in CEO class came from both an informational talk given in front of one of my high school classes and from knowing former students who enjoyed the class. I hope to learn a lot about the business world and meet many of the prominent business owners of Belleville while I am in this class. I also hope to major in business in college.

I believe that I am a responsible and trustworthy person who is able to effectively accomplish tasks. I am so far undecided on where I will attend college. 






DISC Characteristics

  • I prefer to lead by setting an example, not outright instructing others.
  • I like a flexible environment that allows for creativity
  • I blend well with others and get along with a wide variety of others.
  • I am very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail.