Dominic Bouc

About Me

I am currently attending Althoff Catholic High School and presently in my senior year. I became interested in the CEO class because of the skills you learn to build and help a business thrive and flourish. I want to specially find out how to professionally network in business. I am hardworking and I do not stop working until the job is done. 

I am a member of the Althoff Catholic Enrichment, Saint Vincent de Paul, Religion Club, Art Club, Althoff Bass Fishing, Varsity Bowling, and Varsity Soccer. I am one of the three sacristans chosen to help prepare our weekly school masses. I have accomplished and received the Eagle Scout rank. I am a licensed United States Soccer Federation referee and currently refereeing in the Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association. I also make and sell handmade longboards every now and then for an extra side income. 

I plan to produce and sell my woodworking pieces on a wider scale. I have narrowed my college choices down to going to South Western Illinois College and Marian University in Indiana. I plan on continuing soccer and growing in my faith going into college. I enjoy spending time with family and taking responsibility in my family and community. I am creative and determined to accomplish what I set my goals to. 

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • I like to think things through before acting.
  • I seek freedom of speech and the ability to express ideas and opinions openly.
  • I always demonstrate a high degree of follow-through.
  • I prefer to act as my "own person" rather than follow the norm.