Destiny Kollore

About Me

I am currently a senior at Belleville East High School. I am a basketball and football manager for the boy’s teams. I also have two jobs. I work at Hardee’s and Hooter’s at the moment. 

I have always wanted to help the homeless and people that feel as if they have no second chance. After seeing people struggle and other people just barely getting by, I thought it would be a great idea to start a business called “Second Chance”. After high school and this program, I would like to continue with my business to help others and also go to college to get my bachelor’s degree and maybe even my doctor's degree.






DISC Characteristics

  • • You prefer to lead by setting an example, not outright instructing others. • You prefer an environment with specialty work, or work that requires technical mastery. • You appreciate being thorough and complete in the analysis of all variables before making a decision.
  • • You are very optimistic. • You most likely enjoy helping others as coach, counselor, or teacher. • You really like meeting new people and easily interact. No one is a stranger.
  • • You like having a strong identification or connection with the group, organization, or mission. • You are very patient in working with a wide variety of people. • You are always seen as cool, calm, and collected on the outside (whether that is true on the inside or not).
  • • You like taking your own way to the results. • You are practical and realistic. • You are flexible enough to work with or without a lot of structure or order.