Lucas Alred

About Me

I am a senior at Althoff Catholic High School. After hearing of great experiences from the past years, I decided to apply to the CEO program to educate myself more about the business world.

I have shined during my first three years at Althoff. Being a three-sport varsity athlete in baseball, golf, and football, I have never shied away from a challenge. I love being challenged in any way, and that does not only come in sports. I has taken all honors classes during my time in high school, and I have shined just as well in class as I have on the field. I finish nearly top of my class every year.

I am always willing to go the extra mile for my friends and family. I will work my hardest to do the right and honest thing, and I am a strong-willed person that is very determined to succeed. After graduating high school, I plan to go to a four-year college and pursue a degree in law. I am still unsure on what university I want to attend, but I am deciding between the University of Texas, University of Illinois, and Ohio State University.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • • You are adventuresome in trying new ideas and innovations. • You can be a high risk-taker, but usually not too extreme. • You like new approaches and take an inquisitive and open attitude toward change.
  • • You present yourself in a poised manner to both small or large groups of people. • You work best when you are able to interact with others. • You tend to meet new people in a confident and appropriate manner.
  • • You are an active and optimistic agent for change. • You are rarely content with the status quo. • Unexpected things keep things interesting for you.
  • • You like to use a lot of detail when explaining processes and tasks to others. • You are very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail. • You believe in maintaining high standards of quality control.