Miles Wilhelm

About Me

I am a senior attending Althoff Catholic High School. I have long considered pursuing a career in the business world, and Belleville CEO provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to truly see the business world with your own eyes. I am very excited and blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity, and I greatly look forward to all the incredible experiences to come.

I pride myself on my ability to succeed in the classroom. I am a consistent High Honor Roll student and recently inducted into the National Honor Society. I am also involved in various other clubs such as the ACE Leadership program, Student Ambassadors, and Crusader Cru. I played golf in my first three years at Althoff, and have played baseball all four. I’ve had lots of experience doing many different summer jobs, starting with umpiring rec league baseball games, to washing cars at Auto Spa, and most recently, helping out at my old grade school as a Summer worker.

My life beyond high school is still uncertain to me, for I am constantly changing my mind on what I want to do when I am out of school. At various times I have considered majoring in journalism, business management, and political science (with the potential to go into law afterwards). One thing I am certain of is that I do plan to attend a four year university following high school. My school list is still big at the time, but as of right now I’d say my top choices are University of Alabama, University of Illinois, Mizzou, University of Georgia, or University of Indiana.

Regardless of what my career plans are, I am fully confident that I will get a fulfilling experience out of Belleville CEO. Even if I choose not to pursue a business career, CEO offers a variety of experiences that will help me be a successful person for years to come.

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DISC Characteristics

  • • You are a calculated risk-taker, but only after you have had sufficient time to consider all potential outcomes. • You are open to deferring to others for decisions when they have voiced a stronger opinion. • You prefer a culture that allows ample time for analysis of new ideas before implementation takes place.
  • • You are affable and friendly when meeting new people. • You tend to naturally trust others and their ideas. • You bring a definite optimistic attitude to projects and tasks.
  • • You prefer a faster paced environment, but one that is not frantic or chaotic. • You respect the established ways, but are open to change when it is deemed necessary. • Unexpected events don't drive you crazy. They can be something of a welcomed change.
  • • You are very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail. • You prefer a neat and clean work environment. • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability.