Alexander Duncan

About Me

I am a senior at Belleville East High School. I am interested in business, especially Entrepreneurship. I am taking a few other business classes currently, which are Personal Finance, Business Management, and Marketing. Taking these classes are the first steps in walking into the business world.

I am also currently in chorus, and I enjoy playing soccer. As a hobby, I work on technology, such as building computers and working with code. I also enjoy learning about Asian Culture and learning different languages. I currently have 3 years of German, and I know a little bit of Japanese. Overall, I am really excited to be learning about business and the real world, so I can expand my knowledge and become a better person

After high school, I want to create multiple businesses and travel the world. I am invested and dedicated to becoming successful and I have the determination to finish my goals and tasks.







DISC Characteristics

  • You like to have variety and a faster pace.
  • You like a balance of working alone and working with a team.
  • You work well in a variety of environments and on a wide selection or projects or tasks.
  • You are a bottom-line oriented person who dislikes fluff and just wants the facts and data.