Jake Pollock

About Me

I am a senior at Althoff Catholic High school. I have been interested in studying business ever since I can remember. More specifically I’ve been interested in sales and marketing. I’ve always been very outgoing and quick witted, so I think it fits me well. I applied for CEO because I wanted to take advantage of the free experience and expertise given to this class. I also wanted to meet with important people and hopefully get my name out in the professional world. 


I have worked at Minton Outdoors for four years now. My first three years working there I was a landscaper. This previous summer I cut grass. I play soccer and I hope to make it to the state championship once again. I was an All-State soccer player as a junior when we placed runner up in the state championship. This year I am a captain and look forward to having another run at the title. 


For my future I look forward to becoming a successful businessman. I don’t know where I want to attend college, but I look forward to what the future holds. 








DISC Characteristics

  • You are always interested in the new, the innovative, and the cutting-edge ideas.
  • You really like meeting new people and easily interact. No one is a stranger.
  • You think it is important to follow established procedures and processes.
  • You tend to operate independently from the established rules and procedures.