Connor Forhan

About Me

I am a senior at Althoff Catholic High School. I have always wanted to follow my grandpa and my dad’s footsteps and open my own insurance agency. After high school, I plan to pursue a degree in fire science and emergency medical services as well as a business degree from Murray State University.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • • You are a great source of innovation and new solutions, even if radical sometimes. • You are practical - all about the business and getting results quickly without fluff or delay. • You are very decisive and a risk-taker.
  • • You can easily interact with others. • You like a balance of working alone and working with a team. • You sincerely like to support and work with others.
  • • If insufficient structure and order exist, you will create it. • You serve to stabilize others on a team who are perhaps too maverick. • You believe rules exist for a reason.
  • • Your preference is to adhere to the defined and proven way of doing things. • You are sensitive to high quality control and have a need for accuracy. • You really like to get things done correctly the first time.