Tyler Rupert

About Me

I am a senior attending Althoff Catholic High School. After hearing such positive remarks from last year’s CEO class, I applied for the CEO program in hopes of being able to become a part of this prestigious program. Now, I will do my best to take in as much information about business, and the industry as I can. Learning how to become better at networking, and an overall better communicative person is key.

I have partaken in several activities throughout my years in high school. These activities include basketball, track and field, Crusader Cru, and the Science Club. Outside of school, I have served as a leader of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Project Manhood youth group. 

I consider myself to be very positive, considerate, and effervescent. I strive for excellence; while also bringing the best out in not only myself, but those around me. Aside from school, I love to work, spend time with friends and family, and better my overall character. In due time, I hope to use the information and experience that I have acquired from this class and allow it to assist me in my future endeavors. Although I am currently undecided on which college I would like to attend, I plan on becoming a psychology major and moving forward from there.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • • You like an environment where authority and responsibility is mutual and shared across all members. • You prefer an environment with specialty work, or work that requires technical mastery. • When you lead, you tend to do so by doing, not by delegating.
  • • You prefer working in a social environment rather than one that is remote or isolated. • You can be an effective coach or counselor for others. • You like a flexible environment that allows for creativity.
  • • You strongly prefer a workplace with a sincere, personal, and agreeable environment with little hostility. • You always present a more relaxed and open approach to your work and how fast you must get it done. • You blend well with others and get along with a wide variety of others.
  • • When you present your argument you do so logically not emotionally. • You can express your disagreement in a passive-aggressive way. • You prefer to have the complete picture before beginning with any task or process.