Zachary Hamilton

About Me

I am a senior at Belleville East High School. At school, I am involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, First Priority, National Honor Society, and basketball. I would describe myself as extremely hard working. After seeing how my dad runs his businesses, it inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I am not sure where I want to attend college but I am sure I want to major in business.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • • You like to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion. • You like an environment where authority and responsibility is mutual and shared across all members. • You may defer to others who exhibit a stronger opinion or are more vocal.
  • • You are able to persuade others in a convincing manner when necessary. • You can easily interact with others. • While you consider other's emotions, you do not let them fog the bigger issues.
  • • You are very loyal when it comes to existing operating procedures. • You prefer an environment that allows for lots of consistency, dependability and structure. • You like having a strong identification or connection with the group, organization, or mission.
  • • When you present your argument you do so logically not emotionally. • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability. • You prefer to have the complete picture before beginning with any task or process.