Rosie Gomric

About Me


I am a senior at Althoff Catholic High School. I’m on the varsity girls soccer, volleyball, and swim teams. I’m extremely passionate about pursuing a future career in healthcare, and I plan on attending medical school after college. I’m still undecided about where I want to go to college. I think that making connections and learning about how a professional should conduct themselves are just some of the very valuable life lessons that I want to learn throughout my Belleville CEO experience. I’m excited to listen to people that have taken the steps to become a successful professional in the business world.






DISC Characteristics

  • You may be hesitant to share your opinion with others if the topic is divisive or hotly contested.
  • You make an effective coach or counselor for others on the team.
  • You dislike any personal conflicts or hostility of any kind.
  • You are flexible enough to work with or without a lot of structure or order.